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We offer warehousing with warehouse receipts, notify when the goods are received and prepare them for collection.

CPC has extensive know-how, allowing it to make optimum use of storage space for containers. It is well-versed in handling dangerous goods too. We also have an external area filled with empty containers, and can now offer certified weighing services too.

This means we can provide rapid solutions with ease.
We’re right in the heart of it all!




When the goods are received, we’ll give you a warehouse receipt that confirms the condition and dimensions of your goods. Your goods will be stored safely under cover until you instruct us to load them into the lorry or container.



Once the import containers have been unloaded, we’ll notify you that the goods have been received and make them available for collection once we have the release documents.



Our extensive know-how allows us to make optimum use of the storage space in shared and customer containers, taking care to ensure the integrity of the goods. Where required to do so, we can also wrap your goods or repack non-IPPC-treated pallets onto treated pallets.


Dangerous goods

We can also handle dangerous goods for you. We do this by stowing them safely in the container whilst observing the applicable dangerous goods regulations.


Container handling

Our external area houses empty containers for various shipping companies. This allows us to pick and pack the containers quickly.


WHAT’S NEW: Container weighing

Our reach stacker now has a certified weighing device. This allows us to determine the actual weight of the container after loading and relay this information to our customers.

This means we can provide rapid solutions with ease.

We’re right in the heart of it all!